Return to Your First Love

Rediscover the Heart of Your Faith

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Embark on the most fulfilling phase of your spiritual journey with goChrist Return. This pivotal stage invites you to rediscover the essence of your faith, rekindle your passion for Christ, and realign your life with God's original design and purpose for you.

Return is not just about coming back to where you started; it's about moving forward with a renewed sense of commitment, love, and purpose. It's about embracing your identity in Christ and living out your faith with authenticity and fervor.

Here, We Explore:

  • Rediscovering Passion for Christ: Learn how to reignite your love for Jesus and cultivate a vibrant, dynamic relationship with Him.

  • Living with Purpose: Gain insight into God’s unique calling for your life and how you can live out your faith in a way that impacts the world.

  • Community and Belonging: Discover the joy of being part of a community of believers who encourage, challenge, and support one another in their faith journeys.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to rediscover the depth and joy of your faith? Join us on this journey of return, where you'll find resources, support, and a community eager to walk alongside you. Let’s return to our first love together and live a life that truly honors God.

Still Curious?

Having embarked on the path of Awakening and walked through the transformative gateway of Repentance, you're now ready to Return to the essence of your faith with goChrist. Return is about coming full circle — rediscovering the purity and passion of your relationship with Christ, now enriched and deepened by the journey you've undertaken.

Your Awakening ignited the spark of divine curiosity and desire for a deeper connection with God. Through Repentance, you've shed the layers that obscured your true self and God's purpose for your life. Now, in Return, you're invited to live out this purpose with clarity, joy, and a heart fully aligned with Christ.

As you embrace this stage of Return, carry with you the lessons learned and the growth experienced in Awakening and Repentance. Let them inform and inspire your path forward, as you live out your faith in a world that desperately needs the light of Christ.

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